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SHRINKIT Shrink Guns

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As a leading UK manufacturer and supplier of a wide range of Polythene Packaging materials, but mainly involved in the process of Shrink Wrapping pallets etc, PARRACK PACKAGING have also always been pleased to offer 2 models of SHRINK GUN SYSTEMS for their customers – the SHRINKIT and the RIPACK – that cover the broad spectrum of varied needs that we have encountered over the past 30 years+, both in usage terms and of course budget / set up costs!

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SHRINKIT Shrink Gun System

The SHRINKIT hand held Shrink Gun System is a British Made unit that we have been involved with selling/servicing since the early 1980’s. In that time we have seen the models evolve and improve but the one constant throughout has been that the SHRINKIT has always enabled us to offer/provide a very effective & reliable quality “low cost” system – whether being used by those doing high volumes of shrink wrapping, or, for those customers that really want to shrink wrap their pallets/goods, (for all the benefits involved), but perhaps do not envisage sending out lots of pallets every day!?, (and consequently have to consider the set up costs involved to achieve doing so!?).

“NEW MODEL FOR 2013” SHRINKIT Hand Held Shrink Gun System Complete:

Hand Held Gun Unit, 8M Safety Hose with connections + Pressure Gauge Regulator with Excess Flow Check Valve, Oil Bottle & Operating Instructions



Shrink Wrapping Your Pallets / Goods

Using the new SHRINKIT Shrink Gun System in conjunction with Polythene from Parrack Packaging – whether that be Shrink Polythene Pallet Covers / Pallet Bags, or Polythene Sheeting / Shrink Films – you will achieve a fast, cost effective and highly protective method of despatching your goods to ensure that they arrive at their destination in the same condition that you have taken care to see them leave your own premises in!

SHRINKWRAPPING provides incredible LOAD STABILITY, (apart from rare exceptions you shouldn’t need to use strapping when shrinking!), and will for example allow a pallet to be tipped at a 45 degree angle without the goods moving on the pallet or becoming unsafe!

SHRINKWRAPPING also offers TOTAL WEATHER PROOFING – much better than Stretch Wrapping, (which we also supply and even when used in conjunction with a polythene top sheet cannot stop rain / moisture finding a way in!?). A shrink wrapped pallet arrives with the goods as dry as the day you wrapped them on your premises and sent them out!

SHRINKWRAPPING is also much more VERSATILE than stretch wrap and can be used to wrap all sorts of odd shapes & sizes to great effect, (like a boat or a bicycle for example!?) – it is not restricted for use on uniform pallets of goods only – you could shrink wrap just about anything!

For a demonstration on how easy & effective it is to shrink wrap your goods please click on the demo / film link – thank you.


 Shrink Gun Repairs & After Sales Service

PARRACK PACKAGING offer a comprehensive after sales service on both of the Shrink Gun Systems we sell – the SHRINKIT and the RIPACK. This includes the sale of spares parts and a full service facility available from our on-site engineers who have over 30 years experience in servicing these guns and others, indeed we are able to extend this service aspect to most other makes / models of Shrink Gun Systems available, so feel free to approach us on “your” gun even if it isn’t a Shrinkit or Ripack.

LOAN GUNS are available FOC if one is needed whilst we are attending to your Shrink Gun System? We do not charge for the loan of a system, all we add to the final repair bill of your own system is the carriage charge that we will have incurred to send the loan gun to you! We then ask you to return our loan gun once we have re-delivered your own system back to you fully repaired.

SHRINKIT Shrink Gun System – please see our product page on the SHRINKIT gun if you would like further information on our alternative low cost model of Shrink Gun we have available.

POLYTHENE PACKAGING – please see our POLYTHENE PRODUCTS page for further details on many of the polythene packaging products that we manufacture and offer for delivery throughout the UK.

For details / quotations on any of these items, or for more information on the Shrink Gun Systems please contact the sales team at Parrack Packaging via the information provided on the sidebar and/or contact us – THANK YOU.


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