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Polythene Products
We are proud to provide a vast range of polythene-based packaging products.

Polythene Products

Polythene Products

We are proud to provide a vast range of polythene-based packaging products. We have always been closely involved with the shrink wrapping industry, as such, our sales & production staff members have a wealth of knowledge and depth of experience which has built up over many years .

Based in Attleborough, Norfolk, we are leading manufacturers of packaging products which include shrink wrap hoods, pallet covers,  polythene liners, pallet bags, food grade liners and bags, “box shaped” covers, polythene top covers, polythene sheets and so much more. We deliver our polythene packaging products throughout the whole of the UK.

We also stock a wide range of Polythene Sheeting / Shrink Wrap Films on site, as well as 2 models of Shrink Guns – SHRINKIT & RIPACK – for which we also offer a repair service etc, (please click on the links / pages on our Shrink Guns for all your Shrink Gun needs – thank you).


Product Range “at a glance”

RIPACK-SHRINK-IMAGEIt would be impossible to list “everything” here that we have been involved in supplying over the years – indeed it would be easier to say that the golden rule of thumb is that we can, and do, get involved in supplying virtually “all things polythene” – but – we have highlighted here our main areas of supply / production / service.

With the exception of the hand made “Box Shaped” Covers, (an area that we specialise in and a format in which we can make a bag big enough to cover just about any load size), most other bags/liners etc can be supplied either loose in pal boxes – or – perforated on the reel for tear off.

We can also offer printed and coloured films/bags, tinted or opaque, which are often used in food applications (tinted) or for security/protection purposes (opaque).

As a manufacturer, we look to provide competitive pricing at all times!

Benefits of Shrinkwrapping

1251LOAD STABILITY – a shrink wrapped pallet can be tipped at an angle and goods are safe!, apart from rare instances strapping should not be needed when shrinking a pallet load.

WEATHERPROOFING – a shrink wrapped pallet will be kept dry in transit – much more effective than stretch wrap (which we also supply of course)

PROTECTION – shrink wrapping your goods will offer increased protection both in transit and when being stored at point of destination

SECURITY – shrink wrapped pallets help prevent pilferage – some customers will even use a coloured opaque wrap to hide more expensive products

FAST – shrink wrapping is a quick and cost effective method of achieving a quality wrap on all of your goods to help reduce complaints / returns

VERSATILE – shrink wrapping allows you to wrap all sorts of shapes / sizes / part loads, again much better than stretch wrapping for example

PRESENTATION – shrink wrapping offers “your” customer a level of quality from “you” that will only go to enhance your own level of service

ADVERTISING – for a relatively small additional cost you can have your pallet covers or film printed and therefore promote your company / products (min qty runs would apply)

For a demonstration on just how easy & effective it is to shrink wrap your goods please click on the link for the demo film – thank you.

Large Runs – Small Runs – we do it ALL!

1218We are leading manufacturers of shrink wrap pallet covers and associated polythene packaging items. We also produce bespoke films and cater for large production runs on behalf of our bigger users.

In stock at our premises we also have a wide variety of shrink materials and films which we can use in order to accommodate smaller production runs and, in turn, faster lead times. If we have the materials you require in stock, then NO job is too small for us to quote on!

A wide range of Shrink films and polythene sheeting is available at our premises in varying sizes & gauges, including 50K reels for clients who are wrapping irregular load sizes etc. Again whilst our larger users of Shrink Films will involve a bespoke extrusion run, for our many smaller users we are able to send out 1 or 2 reels from stock if that is what their requirement is!?



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