Specialists in shrink wrap pallet covers and polythene sheeting
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Providing stretch wrap film for pallets & polythene bags throughout the UK.

Specialists in the field of Polythene Packaging – Polythene Shrinkwrap Products & Shrink Guns

Shrink Wrap Pallet Covers, Stretch Wrap Film, Polythene Bags, Liners and Packaging available throughout the UK

Parrack Packaging are a truly independent company with both a Sales & Production team that has over 30 years’ of experience within our field of supply, that of polythene packaging products, shrink wrap pallet covers, stretch wrap film, polythene bags (also known as poly bags) and equipment throughout the UK.

Our main areas of production on site at our purpose built factory and warehouse unit in Norfolk are Shrink Wrap Pallet Covers, Pallet Bags, Stretch Wrap Film, Polythene Liners, “Box Shaped” Covers etc, along with the supply of Polythene Sheeting and Polythene Bags for shrink wrapping or general purpose, many of which we carry in stock.


From here we deliver throughout the entire UK

We pride ourselves in striving at all times to combine producing top quality polythene packaging products at competitive prices whilst always providing a high level of service and flexibility in an endeavour to fulfil the individual needs of all our valued customers – both old & new – that has always been our forte.

Being a manufacturer of polythene packaging, we hope to provide competitive pricing at all times!

As a leading supplier of a wide range of polythene bags and stretch wrap film for pallets, but heavily involved in shrink wrapping in particular, we also offer a range of SHRINK WRAP GUN SYSTEMS to suit all budgets, namely the SHRINKIT and  RIPACK, for which we also provide an after sales service with a full range of spare parts etc. We also offer an in house servicing facility, (that includes a FOC loan gun whilst we repair your system if needed to keep you operational?). We not only provide this for the models we sell but for most other makes/models of shrink gun on the market as well – why not ask us about “your” individual needs!, (both on guns AND polythene).

For a demonstration on how easy & effective it is to shrink wrap your goods please click on the link in our main menu on the home page.

PARRACK – offer/deliver these products & this level of service, throughout the UK.


Polythene Pallet Covers & Liners

We manufacture a “wide range” of polythene bags on site to our customer’s individual requirements, and can supply them either loose in pal boxes or perforated on reels for tear off.

Coloured and Printed films / bags, (eg. Food Grade Liners for example), are also available although min qty runs on colours & print may apply – ask us to quote on your specific polythene requirements.

One specialised area of manufacture that we are at the forefront of is that of hand made polythene “Box Shaped” Covers and Funnel Ended Liners etc. Using the box shaped method of production we are capable of producing a bag that cannot be machine made and therefore large enough to cover just about any load size or item?


Polythene Film – Bespoke and In Stock

In addition to having material extruded for bespoke jobs and larger production runs for our bigger users, we also carry a wide range of stock polythene films both on jumbo reels for pallet bag / pallet cover conversion and 50K reels for customers own use as polythene sheeting for shrink wrapping.


Made to order! – Bespoke Poly bags:  From the films held in stock on jumbo reels we are able to accommodate small production runs of covers/bags/liners for those customers who don’t need a large volume of covers / bags at any given time. We find that many users fall into this category and it has been our pleasure to therefore provide our level of service to ALL of our customers, whatever their individual needs.

For those customers wrapping irregular load sizes, who therefore cannot arrive at a size of pallet cover / bag for us to produce, we carry an extensive range of polythene sheeting, (size & gauge variations), in 50K reel form, and as a result we can therefore provide just a single individual reel if that is all that is needed?

We also supply smaller films such as Collation Shrink / Single Wound Sheeting S/W/S for example for use with a shrink tunnel, and whilst these are bespoke we often can achieve what is an acceptable small qty run on many of these types of materials – why not ask our sales dept. about “your” requirements!


Here are just some of our main areas of supply / service:

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For a guaranteed personal and professional contact every time, quality polythene packaging at competitive prices and all with the level of service that is the forte of an independent company, please contact the sales team at Parrack Packaging Ltd today – we look forward to being of “service” to you and your company in any way that we can be – thank you.

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